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July 8, 2017
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July 8, 2017

You Are Just One Word Away



“Daniel 9:23 3 As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed. Therefore, consider the word and understand the vision.”

Today I want to talk to you on the subject “A Word Away”. The text is right after Daniel prays with all his heart for the Lord to send help to him, and to his people, and God sends an angel with a message for him. God send an answer to Daniels desperation after so many betrayals from the people towards Him He still shows up. In his desperation and his cry to God, it is in that moment that God sends help. How do we know? The angel tells him that, As soon as you began to pray, a word went out. Have you ever been desperate, shameful, and ugly before the Lord, and really needed something? I know that I have, so I can only imagine what it was like for Daniel to cry before the Lord, and look up after all those years, and all the admitted shame from him, and his people and see the angel sent from God to send you a message. The thing I love is that Angels always tell you what made them come, why they came, a pocket of wisdom, and then the word. Interesting that even when you receive something from God it comes with a process.

I find it thought provoking that the Angel tells him that as soon as you began to pray a word went out. See sometimes we can feel like God is not moving when He started as soon as you began to pray. The thing is even though you are going through a process God has already started moving. Now if you are in the dark place, and in a bad storm, and it’s hard for you to receive that. Then I must tell you the secret behind God moving on Daniels behalf when he prayed the secret is that he came to Him in his true self. It is in your true self that you go before God, and things begin to move on your behalf. God answered the desperate Daniel. We try to get all fixed up for Jesus but God comes seeking you. If you need an answer from God, stop feeling like you aren’t worthy of love from God. You know what I loved about Daniel? Daniel began to repent, and released his shame. He showed God his true self, but also his people’s true selves.

Sometimes you are hurting because instead of showing God your true self you put on a mask and don’t let Him see the hurt, shameful, broken, and angry you. When I want God to hear me, I come to Him with the broken, hurtful, and shameful, angry me. Why do I do that? Because I need Him to see all of me in order to fix all of me. You need to begin to release your shame, release your embarrassment, release your hurt, and when you begin to release your heartbreak and go before the Lord with all of you, that’s when the word goes out on your behalf. It’s your true self you present to the Lord.

When something you are going through hurts, and makes you angry go before the Lord with all of you so that He can take over all of you. The bible says it was as soon as he opened his mouth that God began to move on his behalf. Daniel did not sit in agony. He went before the Lord in deep desperation whether His prayers were being held up or not he continued to seek God. You see some of us become so comfortable in our delayed period from God that we forget to fight for what the devil is trying to take from you.

Some of us can become so comfortable in the barren place that when we receive news that matches with the barren place that we don’t fight it, doubt it, or deny it, but we wallow in the dry place. It’s time for you to come out of the dry place and fight for your promise. You see I spoke not to long ago about Ezekiel, and it bothered me that Ezekiel got to the dry place and asked can these dry bones live? The reason this bothered me is for a while is because, I thought Ezekiel only saw the dead thing in the valley. I felt like he wasn’t able to see beyond the dead bones. When in reality maybe it wasn’t that he only saw the dry bones, but that he saw the potential in the bones. That he saw the life in the bones, and because he was able to see the power of possibility in the dead valley that God showed Him life.

Ezekiel saw potential in the bones. What do you see in your dry place? Because it seems to me honestly that if you took me to a valley with a bunch of bones that I would say what are we doing here? Lord get me out of here, but Ezekiel looked at the bones and said basically what can we do with these? Can these dry bones live? I think that it was in Ezekiel, and Daniels desire to seek the true righteous power of God that things moved on their behalf. They got to see true power because they believed in true great power. They believed in the potential of where God placed them no matter where they were, and they spoke and prayed on the potential. I think that it’s time that we start praying to the potential that God shows us.

It’s time that we begin to get excited about what God can do in the dry place, in the scary place, and in the dark place because it’s in the belief in God’s power that mountains can be moved. So what do I mean? I mean God called you healed, so speak to your broken place like it’s your healed place. God called your womb fruitful so begin to bless the fruit of your womb. What do I mean? I mean God called you His child so begin to pray in your desperate broken place. I understand that as soon as you became real with God He sent out a word for you, and whatever that word was does not change because the world said something different.

The word of God is greater than the word from the World. I don’t know what your circumstance is. I don’t know what you believe God for, but I know Daniel was one word away from receiving a messenger. It was sent out as soon as he spoke, Ezekiel saw potential in the dead valley, and I believe that God can do for you, the same thing he did for Daniel, and Ezekiel. I believe that there is life, and a word being sent for the first tear you cried in your true self. I believe that there is love, joy, happiness, and peace within your reach. I believe that God is turning things around for you. The doctors told my close friend that she would never have a child, and she is pregnant with her third. The doctors told me that my tube was completely blocked, and I went to the doctor again with faith and potential and it is open. The world told me I would never change the world, and I am changing the world by teaching the generation coming up how to serve and love God. Not good enough is what the world says, too fat, not tall enough, is what the world says, but God says MINE.

That’s it your one word. Your word is MINE. The power behind him being God’s is enough power to destroy every yoke, bondage, and barrier in front of you. The one word that gets you through the heartbreak, struggles, pain, brokenness is the one word God calls you and that is MINE. You are one word away from being healed. You are one word away from changing the world. You are one word away from winning. You are one word away from your breakthrough so whatever you are going through, that anger, that hurt, that depression, that confusion, that lost place that you are standing in. Go before the Lord with the true you, the completely desperate you, and when the devil attacks look at that thing and you say I AM ONE WORD AWAY.

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