Notes from My Closet Entry Three
July 9, 2017
Are You Ready to Go Up?
July 8, 2017

Notes from My Closet Entry Four – So Long Old Friends

This is my longest and most transparent note yet. I pray it frees someone. I recently lost a few of my oldest and closest friends due to something unnecessary, and their inability to forgive, and hear me. What we use to have as sisters, and family completely was demolished in one day. This situation has caused me to really have a heavy heart and taken a toll on my compassion. In this note I am releasing the weight I carried from friends betraying me that I once supported, cheered for, and covered. I challenge you don't carry the weight of your betrayers, and old friends and family around it literally causes sickness in your body, and you can't move forward. This was the first step to my releasing the weight of old friends and sisters...

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