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July 8, 2017
Conditioned For The Cross
July 8, 2017

God Called You Royalty


She is lost, broken, confused, and shaken. Everything that she thought she would be hangs in the distance, and is somehow unreachable to her. She is faithless in her situation, and she stands in a dead place comfortable because she has forgotten what life on the top feels like. She has forgotten what ambition, hope, and dream feels like. She is entangled in a world of people who she tries to please so much that she has forgotten how to please herself, and make decisions for herself instead of making them for other people. She is locked in the past and blinded so she can not see the future in front of her. She is us, she is you, and she is the world. I want to talk to you today about getting back to the basics. Often times we leap into our destiny (purpose) with hope, faith, and ambition. Nothing can stop us, nothing can detour us, and nothing can take it away.

You know how it is like when you first become a Christian

and you have so much zeal, and tenacity. We go forward in hope believing that the world is our oyster and we take it on without knowing that with every great dream, and promise that you leap forward into there will be adversities there has to be detours, roadblocks, and mountains in order to make you great, In order to make you whole there has to be remodeling. When you are hit with those detours, roadblocks, and mountains you must not allow yourself to become comfortable in your roadblock. My hope is that you rise above, that you overcome, that you fight for your dream. Do not allow your surroundings to dictate who you are as a person, but use your downfalls to pick you up and strengthen you. We often get to the bottom, and because the top is so far, and it seems unreachable, we do not try to get back to where we know we are supposed to be.

I dare to tell you that your bottom is your dead place and you can come out of this. I dare to tell you that you have the power to turn your situation around. I dare to tell you that it’s time for you to go back to the basics. It’s time for you to go back to that ambition and tenacity of your calling for your purpose. You are not down so low that you can not get out. You are being humbled and to be lifted. It is through your breaking that you become royalty. You have to have enough faith enough hope to not become comfortable where you are. You can’t let your situations make you start believing that this is where you are supposed to be. Especially if it doesn’t match what you hoped for, what you wanted, and what your dream was, and it is then you need to come out of it all the way out.

I am challenging you to stop letting people, places, and things stop you from your destination. I am challenging you to look beyond the road blocks, and get back to your purpose. I am challenging you to listen to what God told you the first time. We sometimes place ourselves in entanglement because we refused to do what God said because it was too hard, too scary, too emotional, too risky, too embarrassing and seems unreachable. If you can go back to the basics of what God told you the first time you can get back to the top. You are not destined to spend your life in the detours of the world. You are not destined to spend your life fighting for what is rightfully yours. Your destination lies in your hope. Your destination lies in your fight. Your destination lies in your basics.

You have to come out of this because God is searching for the right now generation of fighters. You use to be a fighter but you got tangled up in the detours. You use to be tenacious but you got tangled up in the detours. You use to be powerful but you got tangled up in the detours. I am talking to you about your bondage, your need for healing. Sometimes we end up in the bottom because we are not willing to face what made us start falling to begin with. You know those things mom told you to put under the rug. You know the pain from your first rejection, the pain from your past that you never got healing from. Something that happened ten years ago can tangle you up and keep you bound ten years later and you end up lost, and broken because you never got help when you started falling. I pray that God breaks everything that has you tangled.

I pray that from this day forward, you remember there is a King in you. I pray that you understand that these trials, tribulations, and this pain all of it is stretching you to a perfect place in God. You must start healing in order to get to the perfect you, and that means healed in every area both past, present, and future in your life. You must address what started your fall, and you must address the consequences from you not fighting for your purpose when you started falling. It’s important that you understand that when you become comfortable in a dead place, then dead things begin to attach to you, and other things begin to die around you, and because you are so comfortable being broken you don’t even realize how it’s affecting the people around you. You can not get comfortable in your broken place you can not get comfortable in this lost place.

You have to come out. What made me fight when I got diagnosed with infertility is the point where I realized that it wasn’t just my ability to have children that the enemy was attacking but it was my ability to produce anything that he didn’t want to happen. My inability to produce my purpose, my dreams, and my faith he was trying to prevent all of it. I let my detour control me instead of controlling my detour. Infertile is the inability to produce period. Being infertile effects us all because we become comfortable in our bottom (our situation), and so instead of producing our promise and purpose in life we become comfortable not producing and our dreams and purpose they are not fulfilled and we become infertile.

We become comfortable with what the enemy took from us, instead of taking back what was stolen. It’s time to speak faith and fertility back into your dreams. It’s time to speak faith and fertility back in your goals. It’s time to speak faith and fertility back into your purpose, and come out. We are designed to be overcomers. So I am challenging you stop being tangled and locked in the things that have caused you to be broken, lost, and at your bottom. I am challenging you to break out of your dead place and get back to the basics. You are better then where you are standing. Think about what God said the first time and start your new detour in the direction of freedom, health, and purpose. You are designed to be royal do not let people and circumstances place you at the bottom. Make decision based on what you know God has for you, and not what you think people want to hear or see. It doesn’t matter what other people say or what they call you when God calls you royalty.

Your fertility Sister,
Always here and always listening
Cora Coleman

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