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July 9, 2017
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July 8, 2017

Are You Ready to Go Up?


As we mature, our test and trials change. Life is about developing and continuing to grow. Change is inevitable. Sometimes, even our surroundings must change. It is easy to become complacent in our current situation, especially when our surroundings are not challenging us to achieve something greater. I want to share with you today on the topic, “Are you ready to go up?”

I have watched people talk about their plans, goals, and what they want to do, yet they sit back and put no effort into achieving their goals. You cannot expect God to use you in a great way if you are not willing to work. Take a look around. Could it be that your life right now is a testament of what you have allowed to happen by living in your will instead of God’s? We always complain about what we don’t have instead of working for what we feel we deserve. Perhaps you aren’t going anywhere because of your desire to do things your way, and due to a lack of commitment and preparation. Are you so consumed by where you hoped you would be “by this time” that you have become crippled and unable to adjust yourself in order to achieve your goals? God is longing to give you what you are crying out for, but how can He when He doesn’t see you in a position to be able to receive? Do you dress the part for the position you desire? Does your life mirror the life you are trying to obtain? Are you stepping out of the door expecting greatness to just bump into you? I am reminded of an amazing story shared by Tyler Perry. He met one of his leading actresses sitting in a Denny’s restaurant. She was dressed for expectancy and because of her preparation she has now starred in several of his films.

We often cry out for something then get upset when God doesn’t provide it. When in actuality the reason you haven’t receive it is because you aren’t in position. God won’t give you something you aren’t ready to receive. You MUST get in the proper position. Your positioning is what has been wrong all along. We allow ourselves to become stuck and out by holding onto things we should let go. We force ourselves in situations when we should walk away. We do what we feel will get us what we want instead of giving our desire to God and waiting for Him to guide us. We do not have the conversations that would bring about change in our lives because we are too afraid of what change will look like. We stay in our current situations because we simply do not want to reposition ourselves, and then we get upset when God doesn’t give us what we want. God won’t bless you with a higher position if you won’t do the things necessary to move beyond your low place. If we allow ourselves to settle for mediocre people, relationships, ministry, surroundings, households, etc., then God will bless you according to your current mindset.

The Bible says that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above anything you can ask or think. Ah ha! There it is! The powerful thing there is THINKING. Where is your mindset? What are you thinking about on a daily basis? If you have a mediocre mindset you will accept mediocre accomplishments, and mediocre promises. It is time for you to move in the power that God placed inside of you. No longer will you give up on your dreams, but you will attack your dreams with zeal and fight. You are only given your promise when you are positioned to receive it. You are not given a husband if your mindset is still that of a girlfriend. You are not given a child if your mindset is still that of a babysitter. You are not given a CEO position if your mindset is still flipping burgers. When you change your mind, you can change your position. The people who are great around you are the people who repositioned themselves to receive what God wanted for them all along. You can choose to stay where you are and never be anything greater or you can THINK BIG, DREAM BIG and OBTAIN BIG. I spent a long time in a low place until I decided to position myself for greatness. When I decided I wanted to grow, I had to first prepare myself, my family, and start working to get there. You see, as much as we might like it to; promotion never comes to those who are not willing to work. I’m sorry God is not placing millions in the laps of the lazy, but your faith coupled with your work can produce great fight, and fighting with faith produces the promise. I am challenging you to sacrifice the things that are hindering your progress. I am challenging you to look beyond your current status and go after what you believe God for, bear in mind that going after greatness really doesn’t matter if you aren’t ready to go up in your thinking. Put your mind where you want to be and ask God to get you there. So the real question is, are you READY to go up?


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